Why we MUST do our own research about nutrition

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If you had a nail in your foot would you take a painkiller for the pain without trying to remove the nail causing the pain? No, so why are so many of us taking medication for an illness without trying to eliminate the symptoms causing the illness? Because that’s what we are told to do by our Doctors, but is that really the best thing for our health?

Doctors attending medical school receive about an hour of nutrition research (at most) in their entire schooling. It is not our doctors’ fault they are prescribing medications for symptoms that can be solved by proper nutrition and a lifestyle change, it is the Healthcare industry who is failing to adjust to the most recent research. Unless your doctor chooses to do further research they are going to follow their traditional medical practice. This is why it is so important we do our own research in conjunction with seeking medical advice.

I love to research nutrition and educate myself on getting the most out of the life I was given.

I am not a nutritionist, dietitian or health practitioner. I am in no way someone with the credentials to provide you with any medical advice. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Major in Human Resources. I am a full-time coordinator for one of the largest Energy companies in North America, a part-time group fitness instructor and a certified yoga teacher. On the side of all that, I love to research nutrition and educate myself on getting the most out of the life I was given. My passion for nutrition started when my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I decided to do my own research on the issue and figure out how to prevent the progression of her symptoms. Through further research into Alzheimer’s I started to learn Alzheimer’s is the body’s reaction to a lifetime of a poor diet. There are pharmaceutical drugs that can decrease the progression of the cognitive decline caused by Alzheimer’s, but none that come without side effects, often greater than the disease itself.

Nutrition helped me recognise the ties your diet plays not just with Alzheimer’s but almost all illness and disease. I choose to research as much as I can about the root cause behind disease and what we can do (without pharmaceutical drugs) to prevent, slow down or even reverse illness and disease by figuring out the cause behind it. I’ve heard the Nutrition industry is a fad, that everyone’s studying it or trying to be a “holistic nutritionist”. Nutrition isn’t a fad. Was it just a fad when smoking was recognized as the leading cause of lung cancer? No, far less people smoke now and everyone still smoking is aware of the consequences thanks to that research. So why aren’t we aware of the consequence of the foods we are eating (or not eating)? Unfortunately, until it is recognized by the North American Healthcare system we have no choice but to do our own research.

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